Commercials Can Help You Get Organized…Seriously!

I know you’re probably questioning my sanity right about now, but I can assure you my mental state of being is intact (for the most part at least!).

Take a second and think about the last time you were watching a favorite television show.  I’m captivated with crime shows featured on Investigation Discovery and they are filled with suspenseful cliffhangers. Just as the unexpected plot twist that will instantly turn everything you’ve ever known to be true upside down is about to be revealed – Bam! – now you’re being persuaded to purchase heavy duty toilet paper by adorably animated talking bears.

Commercials.  I think it’s pretty safe to assume most television viewers have a bit of a love-hate relationship with them.  While many commercials are very entertaining and a go-to source for a good laugh, their main purpose is to convince us to purchase products that we more than likely have no business purchasing.

However, there is another purpose of commercials that just may increase their “lovability” score so to speak.   It is 100% possible for commercials to help you get organized!  I know it sounds crazy, but they have been very effective tools for clients and myself in our endeavors to tackle the madness that disorganization can create.

Here’s what I do.  Each time commercial breaks begin, I use those periods of several minutes to perform one small task at a time, whether it be answering a couple of emails or looking through a tiny stack of documents and categorizing them.  Eliminating office clutter all at once can be a daunting task, but isn’t as overwhelming when done in stages.

Do you have a stack of paper on your desk that needs to be sorted, but you keep putting it off?  Here is the opportune time to tackle it!  All you’ll need is a pen and Post-It pad. 

  1. Grab a small handful of paper during each commercial break and make a determination for each document

  2. Write the to-do task on a Post-It note (i.e., file, toss, call, etc.) and attach it to each paper

  3. Pause and put the stack down once the show resumes (you don’t want to miss the outcome of the cliffhanger that nearly had you on the edge of your seat)

  4. Resume categorizing each paper once the next round of commercial breaks returns

Before you know it, you will have accomplished a big task without sacrificing large blocks of time that instead can be spent on other important tasks that need your attention.  Give it a try.  You’ll be surprised at how much you can get done.

Since using this method to get more organized, I no longer view commercials as pesky interruptions to my murder mystery crime shows, but as opportunities to carry out small tasks that have been neglected.

I hope in time you can say the same, and together we can share with others that it is indeed possible to build harmonious relationships with commercial breaks because of their inadvertent ability to help us get organized and increase our efficiency.