If there’s one crucial person on the team who knows everything - and that person gets sick – what will you do (especially if that person is you)?

  • WHAT IF someone has an accident and is unconscious or incapacitated for a period of time... would anyone know what to do?

  • WHAT IF someone suddenly quits or is terminated and refuses to provide you with the pertinent information you need? Can someone else step in immediately and manage that particular desk and/or office efficiently?

Is your business set up so that someone else can step in and run the critical components for you?

Continuity Preparation for Downsizing and Growth Management

Mims Business Consulting can provide your company with the step-by-step documentation needed to ensure your operation keeps moving even when key team members are down, sick, on vacation or traveling. We will prepare a Workstation Operations Manual so that a minimum of one other person in the office will know what to do – without the potentially costly downtime.

Much More than a Procedure Manual

The Workstation Manual captures the information needed for someone else to step in and take over any job immediately. This step-by-step manual details every task, systemized with a clear beginning, middle and end, and with clarity of accountability all along the way. This is the plan and roadmap for the crucial areas of your business.

Creating the Workstation Manual

We begin by collecting a detailed outline / synopsis of each team member’s job function, and identifying gaps in the information necessary for a smooth transition - without downtime.   

In addition, our continuity planning and implementation includes sourcing solutions and trouble shooting for any industry. We start with a hands-on evaluation, followed by putting systems in place. Then we perform the tasks needed to get you up and running immediately and accelerate your business.

After we provide this service, most of our clients make more money in half the time, and the stress is eliminated.

Contact Mims Business Consulting today to learn how we can help protect your business against downtime.