Highly profitable companies strive for a lean office through continuous improvement in order to simplify systems, eliminate waste, and cut costs. 

We know that every client has different needs, so we provide customized productivity solutions and consulting, beginning with an assessment and analysis of your current processes and operational workflow.

Consulting and Assessments Services Overview

System & Productivity Analysis

Our System & Productivity Analysis will identify which systems need implementation, repair or improvement. Our analysis includes a written report of our recommendations, as well as how much revenue/time can be recovered per month when weak or inadequate systems are replaced by a smooth workflow. This analysis is two hours which includes report preparation.

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• Analyze current systems, determine your needs and make recommendations for implementing custom systems.

RESULT: MBC will implement creative methods to increase the value of your business by instituting high levels of performance by your team and across your business

• Determine the cause of the most anxiety and the items requiring immediate attention. This establishes where to start in order to make a constructive action plan.

RESULT: Eliminates downtime to maximize workflow

• Analyze key business areas and key roles within the firm

RESULT: Functional organizational structure employees are grouped by various skills and expertise which results in greater cost efficiency within the company.

• Analyze the firm’s workflow

RESULT: a well-designed and steady system workflow which will produce the best long-term results and value.

• Categorize functions and procedures into staffs’ respective key business area

RESULT: A clear definition of job duties ensures business continuity and accountability, which ensures and maintains the high quality that your clients expect. Projects or job duties are less likely to "fall through the cracks."

Productivity & Process Improvement System Implementation

Mims Business Consulting will set up and implement customized systems and procedures at your office that will result in a streamlined process and increased productivity. 

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  • Create a custom and universal filing system, or refine the existing filing system.
  • Client File System Setup.
  • Create a document tracking system and indexes for easily locating files/documents.
  • Rearrange the location of various files (if necessary) and create a systematic filing procedure.
  • Streamline paperwork flow in order to maximize productivity (Paper Management and Workflow Systems).
  • Familiarize client with new system and techniques for maintaining and tracking files, and research documentation.
  • Implement time management methods for client in accomplishing tasks and goals for greater effectiveness.
  • Redesign and maximize current space usage.
  • Create or refine system for archived files.
  • Inventory Organization.
  • Close and prepare files for indexing & storage.

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