Mims Business Consulting is committed to helping our clients achieve a work environment that supports increased efficiency, enhanced profitability, billing and productivity through systemizing business workflow and operational processes.

We take a strategic approach to operational efficiency, with customized solutions and training designed to transform your office and team's workflow practices.



Work on your business -- not in your business.

Instituting systemization is an investment and invaluable to your business. It simply means implementing and documenting processes for each task in your firm, and creating an engine - a system - for your firm to run smoothly and automatically. Business owners need to have business systems in place before staff can be expected to understand and adopt the same standards and principals.

By establishing tangible productivity goals, your business team will have clear direction; and with productivity measurements, you will have more control over your business outcomes. By establishing tangible productivity goals, a business has clear direction. With productivity measurements, a business has control.

Her advice saved me probably $25,000 in wasted hours this year. She is well worth the time and the effort to improve your filing system, and you’ll gain confidence that will translate into better service for your clients, and better audit results.
— Audrey, Financial Planner, Los Angeles, CA


  • Owner's Billing Rate = $250 /hr

  • Administrative Assist. Rate = $36 /hr

  • Office Clerk's Rate = $18 /hr

  • TOTAL RATE = $304 per hour

  • If all three search for the document for two hours, that's $304 x 2 /hrs = $626

  • If they spend 2 hours a month searching for files, that's $7.512 a year lost!

Average-cost-and-time-to locate-a-file_Mims-Business-Consulting_Productivity-Consulting.jpg

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