Pamela’s ability to organize complex documents and files into an easy-to-use system are extraordinary. While preparing for a trial, I was amazed at Pamela’s organization of the trial documents. Her system and accompanying charts made locating documents so simple! We were able to look up a single document among 22 boxes and find the document almost instantly.

Her processes for organizing are extraordinary, yet simple enough for others to use - like a concisely written handbook.
— Nadja L., Legal Assistant, Stamford, CT

Pamela did a wonderful job organizing my law office. In fact, the job was so good that I then hired her to organize my office at home. She basically turned water into wine. You could barely see the carpet in my office, it was covered with papers and files and I am now a well organized man. She is great as is her work.
— Charles U., Attorney, Glendale, CA

Pamela Mims of Mims Business Consulting provided me with some amazing tools for putting my files in order. A few months ago, we had our audit, and I got a perfect audit score for the very first time [in 18 years]. This would have been impossible without “Expert Pam’s” incredible guidance. She’s common sense, supportive, and gives you a detailed “assessment.”

Her advice saved me probably $25,000 in wasted hours this year. She is well worth the time and the effort to improve your filing system, and you’ll gain confidence that will translate into better service for your clients, and better audit results.
— Audrey, Financial Planner, Los Angeles, CA

The law firm organizational services Pamela Mims provided to my firm have been transformative and added value to the firm’s practice. Pam is a pleasure to work with and has a vast network of proven resources that produce almost instantaneous results. She has proven her expertise again and again, with time saving and money saving assessments and recommendations. Her work has also significantly reduced pre-trial stress. She has provided excellent services for both my California and Connecticut offices.
— Dori B. Attorney, Altadena, CA & Stamford, CT