Want to get the entire team more productive and organized? Mims Business Consulting offers these popular systemization and productivity workshops, which are typically 1.5 to 3 hours in duration.


Productivity & Organization Training

• Taming the Paper Jungle!

• Organizing Your Office for Greater Effectiveness

• The Art of Being Organized and Productive (How to Be Organized and Stress-free)

• Taming the Paper Jungle for Non-profits

• Now That Tax Season is Over (Keeping Better Records for Next Year)

• Basic Economic and Organizational Life Skills for Young Adults

Law Firm Productivity Workshops

  • How to Increase Billable Hours (Be More Organized & Productive in Your Law Practice)
  • Raising the Bar! (Efficiency is the Key to a Successful Law Office)
  • Organizing Tools and Techniques for the Law Office
  • Basic Law Office Organization Training for Legal Secretaries


To schedule a workshop, or discuss customized training, contact Mims Business Consulting.